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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

2008 Election -- 2

One of the few advantages to being a senior citizen is that you stop
caring all that much about what others think of your views. I did
vote for RR in 1980 and 1984, but this year I hope we have a good
old fashioned throw the rascals out result, wherein the GOP is
blown out the water and left to repair its tattered self in the
wilderness for a couple of years. I find Sen. Obama impressive
enough, but what stuck most in my craw was the way the GOP
seemed to revel in its stupidity, even as the GREAT MESS unfolded.
We need vibrant parties to carry on the US electoral traditions,
not the GOP numbskulls who have held the reins since 2001.

The gathering plutocracy in the US will undermine the very fabric
of our democracy. We need to see better balance in the returns
on capital and labor than what we have witnessed over the past 25
years, and we need to see the corporate mandarins divide the take
more equiblybetween chieftains and the folks who work for them.

I do not have strong views as to what will happen today, but I
am hoping the Dems kick ass thoroughly.

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