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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stock Market

The broad stock market is in the process of unwinding a very sizable overbought when compared
to either its 200 day or 40 wk m/a. As mentioned the other day, this process is seldom interrupted
by a dramatic positive turn in the market which features some staying power. The unwinding
process can be quick as happened during Q 3 1998, or it can seem interminably long as we saw
from mid 2003 through mid 2004. In looking over data for many years, I do not find a formula
for timing this sort of relative downshifting process.

On a short term trend line basis, the market is now advancing at a fraction better than stall speed.
So, trader bulls need to see a sharper pick up in positive momentum soon lest their positions turn
I looked at this outfit the other week. As a former senior investment executive, it looked to
me that in signing up, you were giving more than you might get in terms of good info. It struck me
as a "networking" spot for middle management paper shufflers and middle level techies. I am
of course from an earlier generation, but I certainly did not need this sort of contrivance to build
a powerful rolodex.

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