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Friday, July 10, 2015

Iran & Nukes

It is high time the US wraps up the talks with the Iran on the latter's nuclear development program.
Iran gets the lion's share of media attention in the propaganda wars with all the "Death to America"
talk. What is less well known is the existence of deep set contempt for Iran here. So, if the
US closes out the talks with Iran without an agreement, there may be some nasty politicizing
here, but it will pass soon enough. Obama has only 18 months left to his term, and in my opinon
he can better spend that time on other matters if the US does not get the strong deal it needs
from Iran right quick. I bring this matter up because I think the political goodwill that has allowed
these talks to continue under the radar for many months is about to run out, thus creating some
concession pressure in Iran's favor that will be received very poorly in the US and could damage
Obama's standing if goodies to Iran creep into an agreement.

With an agreement on the Iran nuclear program and an early end to sanctions, it is estimated
that Iran could ramp up oil production to 1 million bd within one year after the sanction
covering oil is lifted. In a world with excess oil supply at present, that is worth noting as such a
development may not be fully discounted in the market. If there is no deal, Lord knows
what will happen to Iranian output as it is very difficult to say what the standing of the
sanctions program will look like given the number of parties represented at the talks as well
as those hovering close on the sidelines.

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