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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gold Price

The gold price appeared to have a broken a down trend running back to 2012 earlier this year.
The Jan. rally was better than I expected, but it was unable to hold.  Gold Price Daily

As the year has progressed, gold has been unable to rally from $1200 oz. support as it did
at the outset of 2015, and support at $1200 has recently turned into resistance. I reckon that
at around $1145, gold is now trading a little below the all-in cost of production for a fair
portion of the mining group with any number of mines now cash flow positive only because
of depreciation / depletion considerations. The gold price is now mildly oversold and a minor
bounce may be in the cards.

Global industrial output has been growing only at around 2% in recent years and this has
not been fast enough to put any real substantial upward pressure on factory operating rates.
Consequently, global inflation pressure has trended down to modest levels. Moreover, the
recent blowout of the oil price reflecting a supply glut has been a sore spot for gold players,
since in modern times, strong run-ups in the price of oil have tended to be a very substantial
factor in leading periods of accelerating inflation.

I have been looking for faster economic growth over the second half of 2015 and have thought
this might trigger some positive price action in the gold market. However, global liquidity
growth going into Half 2 '15 has continued restrained especially in the US and China, and the
economic benefits to both countries have been more muted so far than I expected. Thus, for the
present, global output continues to grow but not yet fast enough to signal that capacity
utilization is about to swing higher on a cyclical basis.

The gold price is volatile enough that you do not have to catch the bottom tick to make good
money on the long side. Faster industrial output growth should trigger a decent gold rally, but
you have to hover over the output data as it comes in because the liquidity support for the
global economy is restrained enough that you cannot be sure yet whether the pop in global
output will come soon.

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