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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trump Plan To Loot The Treasury

The Donald's tax cut plan offers a bonanza in cash for the wealthy and for business. And the
Congress has put itself up for sale as well. Ostensibly, to help defray the costs of the large tax
breaks ahead, tax loopholes will have to be closed. The lobbyists will be there with campaign
cash, sports tickets, girls and even job offers for the future with the private sector. As of this
moment, all the deficit hawks around when Obama was president appear to be on holiday.
There will be many debates and fights over these issues. All of them will be stale. After all,
the issue  of laissez-faire vs. the welfare state has been around for nearly 150 years here in the
US. There brawls will be especially nasty if the Ryan wing of the House starts talking up
entitlement spending cuts to help contain the budget deficit.

When it comes to the markets, there will be extra spin and bullshit thrown in with the strategy
pieces yet to come on stocks, bonds and gold. I leave it all to the rest my brethren to regale
you with their stories. 

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