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Friday, July 11, 2014

Setting Germany Straight

The US State Dep't charted Germany's geopolitical ambitions prior to WW 1. We have
neither liked or trusted Germany ever since. We spy on Germany now and we will in the
future. The fanciful notions of friendship and alliance between the two aggressive, ambitious
and resourceful countries served both well during the Cold War and its early aftermath.
Despite Putin's grand ambitions for Russia, only inertia keeps NATO intact now as its mission
is vague at best.

Germany sees itself as a major merchant state to the world and even fancies itself as one of
the premier democracies. As it veers toward breaking out of the post WW 2 cocoon it has been
in, it shall eventually have to define its place at the table of nation states. Its democracy has
not been tested in the fire as has the US's a number of times. As Germany asserts its
independence, the US has no choice but to let that happen and to adjust accordingly. We'll see
how Germany does and whether it can keep itself out of trouble. Obama, after some eye
opening visits to Berlin, sees Germany for what it is now, although the next US president may
try to rebuild rapidly fraying ties. 

In viewing recent US espionage the German political establishment has been puffed up with
sanctimony and has been throwing out the idea of how stupid the spying is. Older Americans
like me listen to the rhetoric coming out out of Germany and hear the same vain sense of  tactless
arrogance we have endured for generations. We are not your friends Ms. Merkel. Far from
it. So the US will go right on snooping.

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