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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Break Time

One of the nice things about being a discretionary trader is the luxury of not having to be
in the markets every day. Some developments are ahead that may involve hazard and or

The FOMC Meeting  is Wed., Mar. 19
This one also involves a press conference and will star Ms. Yellen, the new chair. With further tapering of QE on the table and folks wondering still about Fed intent regarding short term interest rates, there may be some volatility in the markets over the next 5-6 trading days.

Ukraine vs. Russia
Annexation of Crimea by Russia seems to be proceeding. Not all residents are keen on the
idea, so some commotion can be expected. Since this is standard Russian grand larceny
foreign policy, a shit storm of protest would be appropriate. Next, the EU may finally have
to get up off its collective ass and pound Putin with some sanctions of consequence. NATO
also will have to decide on what it should do if Putin has it in mind to swipe more east Ukraine
real estate. More military hardware is moving into the vicinity of the  Black Sea, Poland and
the Baltic. If NATO / G-7 decides to stand its ground, we may find the markets unsettled.

Russia ETF: RSX  Now down at critical support.

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