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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Note On Short Term Interest Rates

The Fed's zero short term interest rate policy has, save for the Libor scandal, put the
usually hot topic of whither short rates on ice for markets players here. The US has
experienced over three years of economic recovery and it is interesting that the
indicators I track to determine whether the Fed might change the Fed Funds rate (FFR%)
 have never aligned 100% to support a rise in the FFR%. In fact, recently the positive
momentum of each of the indicators have turned to mostly flat, suggesting no cyclical
case for raising rates.

My super long term 91 day T-bill model points to a reduction of rates currently, but,
the model also suggests ongoing rate suppression as it suggests the "Bill" should be
yielding 2.4%. Savers are being punished but with positive offsets in retirement and 401k
accounts and a nascent recovery of home prices. It has been a long slog.
Threat of local power outage from the giant Hurricane Sandy storm remains.

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