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Sunday, August 14, 2016

SPX -- Weekly

Technical and Psychology
The SPX remains in an intermediate term uptrend following the breakout above 2100, which has
extended the market up into new high ground. The SPX is losing positive momentum and has
been progressing toward a substantial overbought, although it is not at extreme levels yet.
SPX Weekly

From a seasonal perspective, mid - Aug through the end of Oct. is a time in the year when traders
become jittery with all veterans able to tell horror stories from the past. Players are also concerned
about whether this year might see troublesome uncertainties regarding the upcoming election.
Since one wheel has come off the Trump bandwagon at least, anxieties may be tamped down for
now, but rest assured, efforts will continue to get The Donald squared away before it is too late.
Remember too, that there could be some zingers headed Hillary's way.

The bottom panel of the chart shows the VIX or 'fear index" has dropped down to levels consistent
with investor complacency. In sum, with the SPX nearing an intermediate term overbought, extant
signs of a more relaxed 'investorate', and the temporal progression toward a more jittery time for
market players, expect more calls for an interim top in the market.

The business environment has been improving slowly, and SPX net per share finally turned up
in Q2. Twelve month SPX eps has recovered to $98.75. The market remains expensive on the
basis of old fashioned fundamentals. As testimony to how hard a slog it has been on the ground
for business, SPX profits now stand only about 7.5% above the highs seen in 2007 right before
the roof started to fall in. 


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