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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

SPX -- Daily

The SPX daily chart is overbought on an intermediate term basis, but it is not a screamer. So, if
no happening suddenly jolts market player confidence, the charts say the SPX can drift higher
or perhaps consolidate, in the weeks ahead. SPX With Intermediate Term Indicators

The combination of an extended advance in stocks since Feb. coupled with a seasonal period
that gives any number of veteran traders and investors the jitters is giving rise for calls of an
interim top, and perhaps, one that is just over the near horizon.

From a fundamental perspective, I do not see the Fed has warrant near term to raise short rates
again and the private sector is generating more than sufficient liquidity to fund modest economic
growth. The one caveat at this location is that since the market has behaved very much in line
with my forward looking weekly cyclical indicators so far this year, it may be worth noting that
that the composite of the indicators has recently began to level off, which carries a preliminary and
inconclusive suggestion that the present improvement in the business environment could well
level off later in the autumn.

Consider this, too. From a seasonal perspective, the oil price has behaved relatively nicely compared
to its pattern this year. Should we see further harmony in the weeks ahead, the oil price should
rise seasonally through Sep., and this could give the stock market a boost.

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