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Friday, January 20, 2006

Katrina On The Installment Plan

Systems here have been down since the last post on Jan. 18. Following nearly 18
inches of rain in October in this area, we've had one 11" snow and several major rain storms, including a doozy this Wednesday with winds topping 70 mph. The 'net
cable connection went down with the power, McAfee slipped a disc and took out
operating system directives. So, we had to rebuild and reboot in the bargain.

This was the week I had expected the S&P500 to top out at 1310. It made 1296 just a short while back, but with Iran carefully kiting the oil price, the jitters set in.
That combined with tech earnings shortfalls certainly ended the March over 1300. The
more conservative guidance from the tech sector was also largely unanticipated.

It was a good run up from late October, with nice trades for all heads up players.
I plan to reconnoiter for a week or so since the short term play to the upside over
the last three months is certainly suspect as of today.

1 comment:

internet said...

If you have a chance can you address the following question:

Given the perfect storm of events this week (Livedoor, Iran rumblings, earnings, etc.), do you think that the Fed will inject (or be prepared to) additional liquidity into the system next week?

Thanks. Cheers.