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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Stock Market Update -- SPX Chart

I'll tackle the fundamentals later in the week, but let's look at the chart first.  SPX Weekly

The market just closed a touch above the long term trend line going back to 2009. So, it is still a
cyclical bull of long duration. However, the important trend up from early 2016 has been
broken, and that uptrend marked the third wave up for the market since 2009. So, by my
reckoning, it remains to be seen whether the bull may soon run out of gas or whether there is
some sort of bonus round up in store.

Note that the 40wk. m/a of the SPX has recently turned down for the first time since the second
half of 2015. There can be sudden whipsaws here, but a downward shift in the 40wk. m/a often
signals further weakness lies ahead even if it is not especially dramatic. The market is oversold in
the short run, and sentiment is rather bearish. So, there could be a bounce ahead, and looking at
the stochastic in the top panel, there is reason for optimism in that positive turns in this measure
after it reaches a low point often do signal a bounce. Naturally, there can be a whipsaw here, too.

There are still plenty of players out there who do not see a cyclical top in this market until some
time next year. To accomplish this, the negative downtrends in SPX momentum since earlier this
year, as captured by the MACD and KST measures in the bottom two channels of the chart,
would have to reverse in a significant positive fashion. Now, to be fair to the bears out there, it is
worth saying that intermediate downtrends in price momentum measures often presage actual
further price corrections in the market.

I have said in the recent past that this has been a lovely ride up from the depths of 2009, and that
this market really does not owe us anything now, given how close we were to true economic
disaster or Armageddon over 2008-09. So, for now I am content to see the SPX trade in a range
of  2600-2850, and I would be delighted if we can make it through 2020 at SPX 2500.


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