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Thursday, April 07, 2016

SPX -- Daily

It has been evident since late Mar. that the rally in place since mid - Feb. had become overbought.
The setback this week suggests that a corrective move may be underway, but it is too early to tell
whether or not it will be a significant move or not. Price momentum began to fade late last month,
and the break in the clear, sharp shorter term uptrend came early this week. SPX Daily

For possible hints on short run direction, you may want to focus on the RSI indicator in the top
panel of the chart to see how the market behaves if and when this indicator drops down to the
50 level (neutral). The bottom panel of the chart features the daily oil price. The stock market
has been tracking the oil price closely this year as a higher oil price signals better earnings
performance for both the oil sector and the SPX. Both oil and the SPX were so deeply oversold
this year, that one perhaps should give not up on either too quickly. As well, shorter term leading
economic indicators are on the rise for the US, so the desultory earnings expected for the first
quarter may not be indicative of results for the year for both the SPX and oil.

The current fair value bands for the SPX are featured on the chart as well (1870 - 1990). Plainly,
investors have been looking for a positive turn in earnings as the year progresses.

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