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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gold -- Around $1,000oz.

Well, here we are at $1,000 again. And, here we are at resistance
again, as well. It is fair to say though that the market is not heftily
overbought as it was on its two prior trips to this historic level.

Gold is in an uptrend off 10/08 low, but to confirm from here, the
price needs to take out $1,000 oz. with some authority over the next
five odd weeks.

Gold remains in a mania price zone, and to get into full bubble
territory, we would need to see a sharp break above $1,100 in the
weeks ahead. The market is now mildly overbought.

My gold macroeconomic directional indicator made a low in 12/08
and has been in a relatively strong uptrend since. The fit of the
price of gold to the indicator is somewhat off over the past three
years reflecting price surges in gold within the first five months of
each year that were well out of proportion to the rising indicator
values. The "fit" over the longer run is much closer.

My work shows a basic economic value for gold in a range of $500 -
550 oz. If I push the data using the macro indicator or gold's
relationship to the dollar, I can wring out $700. So, I am unable to
account for about $300 oz. or 30% of the gold price. The "premium"
in the price may have something to do with fears of both inflation
and financial instability, but this concern is not felt with consistency.
I would also note that gold players have followed China's economy
and stock market with very focused interest since last autumn.

At any rate, I would have to say that unless gold can blow well
through the $1000 level before year's end 2009, it is going to look
vulnerable on the long term chart.

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