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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Stock Market

The strong rally underway since early Mar. remains intact. There
is another short term overbought in place now and the market
remains o-bought out through 13 weeks as well. The trajectory of
the rally is now verging on unusually strong. The SP500 closed
today at 945, and I would be happy if it was down somewhere
around 865-885. So, I think it is nearing a point where it is overdue
for a pull back, even though there are no indications yet of
difficulties with trend. I have linked to a chart which features an
intermediate term MACD and a 40 day RSI. Note that the RSI is
moving toward an intermediate term o-bought at 60%. CHART.

As readers know, I am on the hook for a cyclical bull market call.
Now, it is normal for a cyclical advance in stocks to pre-date a
positive turn in earnings (6.5 months on average). Still, the SP500
is now running about 45% above very depressed 12 months net per
share. Granted that the 12 month figure contains one unprecedented
red ink quarter -- Dec. '08 -- when companies wrote off everything
they could get away with, the 45% premium is a whopper -- large
by historic standards. In short, this baby is counting on the green
shoots to turn into stronger fibre soon. A pause in the upward
trajectory of the market for a month or two would not bother me at

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